Welcome to CCL


CCL is a component of the Rutgers Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute (EOHSI) pursuing research in:

  • Computational multiscale modeling (“from molecules to populations”) of environmental and biological systems and of their interactions
  • Enviroinformatics, bioinformatics, and socioinformatics; predictive “big data” analytics for human exposures and health outcomes
Objective of the research efforts at CCL is the improvement of procedures for:
  • Predicting transport/fate and quantifying concentrations/depositions of chemicals in multimedia environments (environmental modeling).
  • Estimating multiroute/multipathway exposures of individuals and populations to toxics in various indoor and outdoor microenvironments (exposure modeling).
  • Estimating internal doses for appropriate target tissues, using physiologically-based transport and toxicokinetic modeling (biological dosimetry modeling).
  • Quantifying the effect of xenobiotic dose to cells, tissues, organs and the whole organism, using multiscale toxicodynamic modeling (dose-response analysis).
  • Optimizing the information that can be extracted from large and complex datasets relevant to systems that involve environment-organism interactions (high-throughput to high-content enviroinformatics and bioinformatics).

CCL’s efforts include exploring computer simulation-based alternatives to animal testing for risk assessment.